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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Will VP BiteMe move to impeach Obama

BREAKING: Vice President Joe Biden Moves with Walter Jones to Impeach President Obama!

Update: No, he won’t! The second part of the video is from 2007:

a videotape has surfaced from the 2007 campaign trail showing Biden threatening to impeach President George W. Bush if he attacked Iran without the approval of Congress.

I don’t know when the second part of this video was recorded, the blogger didn’t give that information. Maybe Joe’s gotten tired of playing the useful idiot and has conjured up some patriotism and morality.

I know, I know, two words that one doesn’t readily associate with Democrats but if this is a current statement…

This sounds like it would have been from sometime in the previous administration but I don’t recall a time when we were actively threatening war with Iran.

If it was from the previous administration it shows the VP’s perception then, which is clearly an indictment of the current administration’s actions now. He would really have to tap dance around this statement but, mixing metaphors,  he’s certainly carried the water for Obama before.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Joe Biden turned out to be the man who saved the Republic!

Will VP BiteMe move to impeach Obama?

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