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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Want Freedom back in the USA, support Ron Paul

Friends, I’m the same God fearing, Freedom loving, patriotic American that started posting 4 years ago who believes we have lost too many of our freedoms and are in serious danger of losing the rest.

I’m no longer a Republican though, I left when they chose McCain as their standard bearer in the previous election. And they haven't given me any reason to go back! I’m officially unaffiliated.

I no longer believe there’s any difference in the goals of the leaders (rulers) of both parties: there is no Democrat/Republican, left/right, conservative/liberal (see here).

Because of this, I believe I was more willing to actually listen and analyze what Ron Paul was saying instead of listening to what the pundits and the media were telling me he was saying.

Don’t keep making the same mistake over and over and over again, don’t let them chose our (I’m not a Republican but any Republican is better than Obama) candidate. Ron Paul will change the way government works in this country, he will reverse the direction we’ve been moving in for decades.

He is the only candidate that I am confident is not part of the ‘ruling class’ that’s moving our nation away from liberty towards a new world order without a free America.

They’ve tried to ignore him, they act as though he is not a viable candidate, but here he is, always near the top.

They said it was a 2 man race between Mitt and Newt, then Mitt and Santorum, yet here he is, finishing 2nd in NH, with Newt and Santorum nowhere to be found.

Yet, I’ll bet you won’t here them say it’s a 2 man race between Mitt and Ron. They’ll just try to continue to ignore him.


After 2nd place finish in NH, Paul Claims Victory For The Cause Of Liberty

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