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Monday, June 6, 2011

Stealth Anti-Tea Party Websites: Be Careful Who You Trust!

VERY deceptive website,, formerly called

Written on June 6, 2011 by Ann-Marie Murrell

Those pesky Democrats are at it again—and this time they’re aiming for the group that almost single-handedly changed the standing of the House of Representatives in 2010:  The Tea Party.

With their usual aplomb, instead of fighting face-to-face like decent human beings, the Democrats are sneaking around-back and trying to find Alinsky-approved ways to infiltrate unseen.

They are doing this with the help of a VERY deceptive website called (formerly–a group which basically funnels money out of everyone from ordinary citizens to big labor unions and redirects them into slush funds for Democratic activists.

When you first go to the PatriotMajority website, it initially looks like every Conservative website on the Internet.  It’s all red, white and blue with a video of the Statue of Liberty and graphics of Mt. Rushmore.  Their “Patriot Majority” logo has the usual Tea Party graphic of a Revolutionary soldier in profile holding a rifle.

Their motto is:  “We believe it is our patriotic duty to protect the American Dream, strengthen national security and provide for the common good of all Americans. We also work independently to elect candidates who support these patriotic policies.”

Fox News report last year uncovered exactly who is behind this website and it all boils down to two men:  Democrat strategists Craig Varoga and George Rakis.

These two sneaky dudes run a Maryland-based consulting firm called Independent Strategies (another site that looks much more Conservative/Patriot than liberal).  They have another address which Fox describes as the center of where their activity seems to come from, a single office in Southeast D.C. — 300 M Street, Suite 1102 which, according to Fox, “plays host to a sprawling political shell game they have established.”

Their Suite 1102 office is run by lawyer Joseph Sandler, who is a general counsel to the Democratic National Committee.

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