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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Romney is a Rockefeller Republican, i.e., RINO

When it comes to conservative, Mitt is not fit!

The Mitt Romney Report

As former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney runs for President of the United States, his powerful (and well-funded) campaign machine uses revised history and misleading statements to portray him as a solid social and fiscal conservative with a track record of successes as governor. Much of this is exacerbated by fawning (and lazy) conservative media.

However, the truth is different. We present the following documentation of Romney's actual record in Massachusetts. We think that the facts will speak for themselves.

The Mitt Romney Deception Report - Our 28-page comprehensive report released in November, 2006, describing how Gov. Romney ran for office and governed as a liberal, despite his claims to the contrary. This covers a wide range or topics and is an essential read.

Latest postings

Feb. 3, 2008: Boston Globe reports: Costs for Romney's health care to double! Federal government may be called for bailout.

Romney made a huge fortune in private equity. But (in at least one case) hundreds of workers lost jobs, and stockholders and creditors lost their money. Read the Ampad story, as reported in the Boston Globe last summer.
While Romney was governor, Massachusetts’ economic performance lagged near the bottom in the country. Northeastern University study, as reported in Boston Globe.

Romney’s senior counter-terrorism advisor was relieved of his CIA position in 2002 for mistakes and failures leading up to the Sept 11 tragedy -- The CIA’s inspector general recommended at least six times that the former CTC chief (now Romney's senior advisor) and others face an accountability board for financial mismanagement, poor coordination, incoherent leadership and more.

Gov. Romney on same-sex "marriage": April 2004 letter to constituents reflects confusion, lack of committment on issue. - "It seemed like he was sleep-walking through it all," says recipient. "His communication to constituents seemed confused with no clear thinking or sense of purpose." Part I Part II Part III

Lawyers, leaders and activists from Mass and across US issue warning to voters - The national conservative movement's "elites" are covering up Romney's betrayals on homosexual agenda, constitution, and other issues while Governor of Massachusetts. They are selling out their principles and ignoring grassroots

Mitt Romney insults talk-show host Gregg Jackson when grilled on same-sex marriage - Romney insults him, changes the subject, and refuses to give a straight answer.

Other recent postings

Report on the true pro-life views of Gov. Romney - Written this past spring in reaction the controversy over Romney's various pro-life stands.

Romney's universal health care includes taxpayer-funded abortions - Legislation also names Planned Parenthood on advisory board.

Romney's Department of Social Services (DSS) honored two "married" men as their "Adoptive Parents of the Year". Agency aggressively placed children with homosexuals.

While he was Governor, Romney donated $10,000 to radical homosexual "health" group. - A very destructive group, publisher of notorious "Little Black Book - Queer in the 21st Century." Did Mitt Romney donate $10,000 to an organization without knowing what it does? This was four times the amount he gave to an organization promoting abstinence among teen girls, "Best Friends Foundation," in 2003.

Romney and "gay" marriage

How Mitt Romney brought "gay marriage" to Massachusetts - Complete report with comprehensive legal analysis. The Supreme Judicial Court made a ruling and ordered the Legislature to act. The Legislature did nothing, so Romney stepped in and ordered same-sex "marriages" to begin -- essentially violating his oath of office.

Mitt Romney's Massachusetts marriage license - "Party A" and "Party B" replaces Husband and Wife

Letter from 44 conservative leaders across the country to Gov. Mitt Romney - Hand-delivered in December 2006; urged Romney to act to undo his mistakes on "gay" marriage before leaving office. Letter was ignored. Reported nationally in WorldNetDaily article.

Romney timeline on "gay" marriage - Here's what happened and when.

Just Say "No" -- Calling Governor Romney and the elected representatives of Massachusetts. by Hugh Hewitt -- Written right after the infamous "Goodridge" same-sex "marriage" Mass. court decision. Columnist Hugh Hewitt calls on Romney to ignore the judges and stand up for constitutional govermnent. Romney ignored Hewitt and the others who made similar pleas. But now, Hewitt's making money on his book "A Mormon in the White House" and has sold out completely to the Romney candidacy. Also see MassResistance blog posting.


Mitt Romney's letter to Massachusetts Log Cabin Republicans - While running for US Senate against Ted Kennedy Mitt made big promises to the homosexual lobby.

The Mitt Romney 20-question flip-flop quiz - How much do YOU know? Test yourself on Gov. Romney's principled stands and positions.

Romney popular with know-nothing conservatives - From MassResistance Blog.

Example of Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth activities - Your tax dollars at work, under Romney's control.

Mass. pro-life movement sells its soul - Mass. Citizens for Life gives Gov. Romney "political leadership award" after receiving $15,000 donation from him.

Romney campaign sends out press release personally attacking Brian Camenker of MassResistance - Hard to believe they would actually do this. Undignified & unpresidential reaction to MassResistance report on Romney's record.


VIDEO of Romney debating Ted Kennedy in 1994 - Romney arguing that he's more liberal than Ted Kennedy!

VIDEO of Romney passionately defending his pro-choice position - during 2002 campaign for Governor.

VIDEO of Romney disavowing any connection to pro-life movement - dursing 2002 campaign for Governor.

VIDEO of Romney with wife Ann assuring voters he'll be solidly pro-choice - during 2002 campaign for Governor.

Romney and the (true) conservative media

Mitt Romney insults talk-show host Gregg Jackson when grilled on same-sex marriage - On Howie Carr show in Boston, WRKO Talk Host Gregg Jackson asks a tough question and Gov. Romney insults him and refuses to give a straight answer.

Mitt Romney loses temper at campaign stop in Chicago when questioned about his role in same-sex "marriage" in Mass. - Talk show host at meeting asked embarrassing question -- why did he order the Mass. marriage certificates to be changed from "Husband and Wife" to "Parther A and Partner B", as reported in the Associated Press and elsewhere?


"Mitt Happens" - by Don Feder 2/21/2007

On Romney's "buying off" conservative politicians & organizations:

"Straw poll and the straw man" - by Janet Folger 3/14/2007. How the pro-life movement in Massachusetts sold out to Romney.

"In Romney’s Bid, His Wallet Opens to the Right" - New York Times, 3/11/2007. Front page Sunday NY Times article exposes Mass. "pro-family" groups taking $$$ from Romney, then endorsing him. MassResistance quoted in article.

"Romney Wallet Opens to Buy Prolifers" - Carol McKinley blog 3/11//07. Refers to New York Times article, also brings up other sources.

Gov. Romney and MassResistance president Brian
Camenker in happier times.

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