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Friday, June 17, 2011

Man sues after agents, armed with assault rifles, mistakenly stormed home, battered down door

I am a supporter of law enforcement officers, my father, a son, and an uncle were/are law enforcement officers.

I believe they should have all the tools they need to get the bad guys, but not at the expense of liberty; i.e., the the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

But the ‘war on drugs’, 'war on terror, and special teams like SWAT, however have led to a mentality of aggressive enforcement that is outside the Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

These aggressive police tactics unwittingly condition our law enforcement officers for the institution of the police state.

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Another Isolated Incident

Another Isolated Incident

06-16-2011 • The Agitator

A Bellevue man whose home was searched in an FBI-led drug raid — apparently in an effort to find someone who had moved away — filed a lawsuit today alleging constitutional violations.

Gary Adams and his family were distressed, embarrassed and humiliated when agents “battered down the door to his home and armed with assault rifles stormed into his house March 3 in a misguided attempt to serve an arrest warrant on a person who was not related to or who had ever resided with” them,

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