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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Gerald Celente : Economic Marshall Law coming soon

Gerald Celente on The Alex Jones show 08 June 2011

Gerald Celente : Alex you are talking about Marshall law. I am urging everyone to consider economic Marshall law because that's what is going to happen next, just like 9/11 happened whether it was real or whatever the facts is two buildings came down and the Pentagon was whacked how did it happen forget it.

The issue is they closed Wall Street. If you had certificate of deposits you couldn't cash them I know because I tried. What I am doing and I am only speaking for myself , I urge those that can think for themselves to consider making sure you do not have a lot of money in the bank because you ain't gonna get it out and if you have your gold stored there or somewhere else in one of those federal institutions kiss it goodbye , and if they let you get your money out that dollar won't be worth a dime it is already worth a dime now look at what it is doing against a basket of currencies because they are going to devalue it and do not worry you won't be able to get it out ....

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