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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boehner Vows to Share Power: Are republicans stupid, incompetent, or Manchurian? Trent Lott did the same stupid thing!

New Speaker Vows to Share Power - a Tricky Proposition (with the RATS? Uh, oh.)

New Speaker Vows to Share Power—a Tricky Proposition
JANUARY 4, 2011

When John Boehner takes over one of the most powerful jobs in Washington this week, he says his first order of business is to make himself less powerful.

On Wednesday the new speaker of the House of Representatives plans to offer a package of rule changes that, he says, will give minority-party members more of a say and decentralize power. In short, Ohio Republican Mr. Boehner is promising he'll be a different figure from many speakers throughout history—from Republican Joseph Cannon a century ago to his immediate predecessor, Democrat Nancy Pelosi—who kept a tighter leash.

But there's a reason so many speakers try to keep close control: It works.

(Excerpt)

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